خدمة التخطيط والتصميم-تعمار-للتصميم-الداخلي-Teammar-Interior-Design-Planning-and-Designing-Service-1

Design process

First Stage: Consultation

• Client consultation and briefing to understand specific client requirements and approach.

Second Stage: Programming

• Contract.
• Client ideas and project details.
• Site details.
• Research: Three global case studies of exciting projects in a similar field.
• Review and approve (design team + client).

Third Stage: Concept Development

• Analise all aspects of the project.
• Forming design ideas.
• building a concept (written description).
• Schematic drawings.
• Review and approve (design team + client).

Fourth Stage: Proposal

• Finalizing design concept.
• Build a 3D framework + mood board.
• Proposal for materials, colours, furniture and accessories.
• Review and approve (design team + client).

Fifth Stage: Design Development

• 3D visualization of the project.
• Plans and elevations with all dimensions.
• Finalizing materials, colours, furniture and accessories.
• Review and approve (design team + client).

Sixth Stage: Design Documents

• Final renders (interior + exterior).
• Construction plans and detail Plans.
• Final furniture, materials and accessories used in the design.
• Quantities and specifications tables.
• Review and approve (design team + client).
• client sign off or proceed to execution.

The interior design team design and implement all projects in the sectors of Restaurants, Cafes, malls, Telecommunications, Banking, Hotels, Hospitals, Complexes and Industrial Facilities throughout Saudi Arabia.

Our team can collaborate with skilled contractors in their field to accommodate any range of design work in attention to detail and decisions that can be stressful and time consuming for customers to execute their project to the best, which can cause unnecessary budget increases if not handled properly.

Completing or partial updating includes the production of furniture selection, identification and purchase of paint colors, fabrics, accessories, carpets and much more. Also includes area planning, identification and purchase of materials, finishes, fixtures, tiles and gear.

We can also help you get started right from the beginning, or to adjust and rearrange the place and add touches that are appropriate to the decor to look new and stunning.


We know that interior decorating is a major project. Whether you want to completely redecorate the place, or are looking for the perfect a specific piece of furniture, we are here to help.
Our dedicated teams of highly experienced, they can add dynamism to your design ideas with the latest 3D design software.

The choice of furniture will be divided into four stages:

First Stage: The Meeting

The first meeting with the interior decoration designer here is the starting point for completing the project. The decorator will evaluate how you use your space, taste, and expectations to get a full understanding of your project.

Second Stage : Planning and selection of products

Based on your specifications, we are able to create a very detailed plan of your interior space.
Accurate measurements of existing pieces and location of doors and windows: All details are used to create a fully realistic view.
Then we suggest a selection of products and layout fits your needs. After selecting your products, we work with you to identify colors, materials, and finishes.

Third Stage: Apply the previous stages to the 3D programs

We use 3D design tools to create a full display to show textures, lighting, and different colors. This offer gives you an opportunity to learn how your product selection will look in your internal space. You can change the viewpoint, zoom in on details, or view the entire project.

Fourth Stage: from 3D to reality

Your furniture is manufactured in our workshops and from our suppliers from different countries and we organize the delivery, assembly and installation of your products by qualified professionals.
Your interior decorator is there to help you with every step of the process.

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